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Now available – Finch 2021.10.1

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Our October 2021 release is available right now. Here’s what’s new:


  • Refreshed the look and feel of all transactional/notification emails and added white labelling support to them
  • Developed visual no-code workflow editor
  • Added collaboration pane to the display of collated data which allows staff to communicate, use “@ mentions” and make referrals to other departments
  • Added support for the user input of dates during data collection processes
  • Added support for recipients to be entered directly via Finch rather than using Outlook
  • Added support to stagger the dispatch of calls to action between parties
  • Added ability for address entry validation to be relaxed for the capture of address data in the UK without postcodes (e.g. plots)
  • All ISO-3166-1 country codes added for interactive user address entry
  • Custom legal declarations can be configured when signing documents

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