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Securely collect, verify, and manage information for

landlord onboarding
marketing approvals
deposit returns
staff onboarding
appointment scheduling
branch audits

Finch helps estate agents optimise their daily processes, making them more secure, effective, and user friendly.

With flexible workflows that are fully adjustable to the way you work, you can deliver better customer experiences and maximise the value of your data.

Loved by leading and innovative estate agencies

Use Finch to create a seamless user experience

Are your staff spending more time administrating sales and lettings, than finding your next customer’s dream home?

Is your compliance team concerned about the security of your data and adherence to data protection regulations?

Fed up with having to bend your customer-engagement processes around the software you use?

If so, it’s time to upgrade to Finch’s secure and fully digital platform!

Finch Bird White

Optimised workflows that support your business

Our team of experts will work with you to create bespoke workflows that are designed to make life easier for you and your customers.
Each workflow is built from up to three distinct modules:

Secure Data Collection

Collect data from internal and external sources in a mobile-first, user-friendly, environment. Rather than pestering your customers with a long list of questions, our dynamic forms change based on input, so your customers only have to answer the questions that apply to them.

Electronic Signatures​

Make life easier for your customers and allow them to sign documents from their computer or mobile device and create legally binding agreements, all without having to leave their home. No more hanging around waiting for papers to be posted or scanned and returned.

Open Banking

Whether it’s an accidental typo or attempted fraud, inaccurate banking information costs the real estate industry millions each year. Our Open Banking module automatically checks banking details for you, while additional verifications can be carried out with other regulatory bodies.

Improved data security & accuracy

Protect yourself, and your customers, with secure and accurate data collection

Tired of searching through emails or scribbled notes for customer information? Finch makes it easy to securely collect customer data, with user-friendly forms that make it easy for your customers to enter and confirm their details. Built-in verification confirms that the information is accurate, significantly reducing time-consuming and expensive mistakes.

Optimise your processes with workflows mapped to your unique requirements

You shouldn’t have to change the way you work because of inflexible software. Finch is designed to be agile, capable of supporting and streamlining your existing processes without restricting you or forcing you to compromise. Spend less time on admin in clunky software and more time bringing new properties to market or finding your next customer their dream home.

Workflows that augment your process
Revolutionary technologies

Stay ahead of the competition with the latest technology

Take advantage of the latest product innovations to offer your customers a first-rate service. Finch is a cutting-edge solution, with dynamic documents that change depending on your customers’ input, mobile-first designs that are easy to use, and analytics that reveal new insights from your data.

Rest easy with our best in class customer service

Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure you have everything you need to maximise the Finch platform. When rules and regulations change (or a global pandemic hits), the way Finch is designed means we can create and modify your workflows within days, so you can focus on doing great work with your customers.

Learn more about how our setup and expertise help clients get better results.

Best in class customer service & agility
Rob Sargent
“Finch is now a key part of Acorn’s customer data collection processes, and immediately began to prove its value as both a time and cost-saving tool.

It’s quicker and easier for our customers, and more accurate information is fed back to our staff which avoids administrative headaches. We’ll never go back to email again!”
Robert Sargent
CEO, The Acorn Group
James Stefanie
“Finch workflows are helping us improve the accuracy of property details and the personal data we collect from our customers. The way Finch can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business is impressive, and can dovetail into existing processes to create efficiency and improve the customer journey.

Ultimately, we know that there will always be T&Cs to prepare, data to collect, documents to sign, etc. - the admin is the admin - but Finch makes it as easy and efficient as possible for both us and our customers. It shows we are serious about capturing and storing their data securely”
James Stefanie
Senior Business Development Partner, Arun Estates
Finch Bird White

Protect your data with the Finch Vault

Email inboxes are not the right place to store sensitive data, such as banking details and client information. The Vault safeguards your customers’ details at every step, from initial collection to final processing. It can then help you analyse that data and gain a better understanding of how customers use your services.

Always Auditable

Being compliant with data protection regulations, such as GDPR, and having an always-on repository for your data is critical for every team in your organisation. The Vault helps by providing safe and secure storage for your customer data.

Fraud Detection

By using Open Banking to verify key financial information as it is entered, the Vault can detect and prevent attempted fraud before it becomes an issue. In the event that any information can’t be verified automatically, it is immediately flagged for follow-up.

User Controls

Multi-factor authentication helps ensure that only authorised people can submit data, while the ability to view and edit information is tightly controlled. If you have to change any details, all edits are recorded and time-stamped for peace of mind.

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Data collection

Digital transformation
Control personally identifiable data
Deliver service your way
Dispatch from Microsoft Outlook
Mobile-first user experience
Intelligence included
Audit & analyse

Electronic signing

Just-in-time document production
Form filling
Document automation & mail merge
Secure customer portal
Barcoded, referenceable verification
Multi-document, multi-respondent
Audit forever

ID Verification

Open Banking
Keyless bank detail exchange
Check and comment discrepancies
Bank verified identity
Add to KYC and AML checks
Control & audit

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