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Landlord terms of business

Electronic signingID verificationLand RegistryOpen Banking

At the point of instruction, invite your landlord to complete an easy-to-use onboarding experience. Capture essential customer information, IDs, proofs, certificates, property details, and bank accounts.

Automatically generate strong terms of business documents which give you a solid foundation for your business relationship.

Digital agreements

Tenant/landlord offer

Electronic signing

Communicate prospective tenant offers to your landlords effortlessly and make recommendations to them on if the offer should be accepted. Collect essential prospective tenant information.

Guide all parties through a quick and easy to use process that will allow you to have the offer accepted by the landlord, securing you the deal.

New homes

New home reservations

Electronic signingID verificationPayments

When it’s time for the buyer to reserve their new home, ensure you secure that business with an on-demand digital reservation experience which is compliant with the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) standards.

Capture buying position, reservation funds and solicitor details. Generate the reservation form automatically, and have it approved by agent and the builder prior to agreement.

PIF folders

Property information (TA6 part 1)

Electronic signingLand Registry

Reduce transaction times by up to 59% by asking vendors to complete up-front property information which can be used to improve property listings and benefits buyers when determining if they should make an offer.

Use a Finch digital form to make this process quick and easy for the vendor, allowing them to instruct their conveyancer sooner.

Vendor using signing

Vendor terms of business

Electronic signingID verificationLand RegistryPayments

At the point of instruction, invite your vendors to complete an easy-to-use onboarding experience. Capture essential customer information and essential property information and collect upfront fees. Verify the proprietors using proof of ownership.

Get the instruction agreed quicker and the property onto the market sooner with an automatically generated documentation pack.

Window display preview

Marketing approvals

Electronic signingVirtual reality

Digitize your process for agreeing particulars with your vendors and landlords by allowing them to approve and comment upon your prepared floor plans, video tours, VR tours, brochures, and listings.

Get your marketing pack signed off by the property owner so you can proceed to list with confidence.

Electronic signing

Classic electronic signing

Electronic signingID verification

Supply your own documents and contracts and use Finch’s native electronic signing platform to get them agreed.

Optionally collect and verify ID documentation during the agreement process.

Send using Finch, via Outlook or using our API.

ID capture

ID capture & verification

ID verification

Request proof of ID documentation from your customers and allow them to supply this remotely and digitally using an easy-to-use, mobile-ready process.

Collect a selfie recording from the customer which validates they were present at the time of supplying the ID.

Use AI to verify that the person on the ID resembles the person in the selfie recording.

Secure change of bank details

Change of bank details

Electronic signingID verificationOpen Banking

Protect yourself and your customers from fraud by using a secure, digital process to process instructions to change bank details.

Collect the customers live ID and selfie recording and have the bank details provided to you directly from the customer’s bank, including account holder information. Finally, have the instruction electronically signed for further security in the event of dispute.

Open Banking Bank Transfer

Bank transfer payments

Open BankingPayments

Collect bank transfer payments which can be approved by your customers simply by tapping their fingerprint or using their Face ID.

Powered by Open Banking, this method of payment is up to 80% cheaper than paying by conventional card.

Proof of Ownership

Automated proof of ownership

ID verificationLand Registry

Automate your HM Land Registry documentation checks by fetching official copies and title plans using Finch or using our API.

Save time by allowing Finch to automatically flag if the official copy requires manual review by an employee due to potential discrepancies, such as a problem with the proprietors, lease etc.

Build your own

Build your own

No code

Digitally transform your business process using a built to order form which can combine electronic signing, ID, payments, verifiable data collection, proof of ownership and more into a single, cohesive process that will make sense to your users.

Finch’s no-code engine room allows you to deliver your dream to market faster than you might think.

Always-on customer service in 3 steps

Send or Publish a link

Create a hyperlink to your form that you can send in an email or publish on a website. The link works without your customer needing to install an app.

Customer Fills-in

Your customer completes the smart form at a time which suits them. Finch smart forms guide the user through the journey, explaining what they are doing and what to expect next in their journey.

Receive & Check

Your staff can check and approve the completed form before committing and executing any enclosed documents.

Alexander Ali, chief executive officer at Finch

Alexander Ali

Rob Chapman, MD

Rob Chapman

Alec Vickers, Software Developer

Alec Vickers

Software developer

Built with over 25 years of industry experience

Our founders have been serving the UK property industry with technology solutions since 2008.

Your next consultative technology partner

Our team has the knowledge to help you realise your digital transformation goals. We have supported property businesses through changing compliance requirements (e.g. GDPR, Covid-19), and worked  to deliver automation, efficiencies and cost savings.

Let our team take the work off your hands.

Our professional services team is able to take your business requirements and transform them into customer or employee facing digital services for you whilst you focus on your core business.

The technology in the toolbox

Finch allows you to all-in-one electronic signing, digital ID collection, payment collection and more.
Simplify your technology stack with the forms & contracts app built specifically for UK property businesses.

Native, Next-Gen Electronic Signing

Electronically sign documents and contracts with our easy to use, in-browser experience. Rapidly handle negotiations in your agreements without forcing your customer through "cancel & re-send" procedures.

Open Banking Accounts Information

Collect bank details from your clients which are tamper proof and verified against the account holder name to supplement your KYC/AML. Collect proof of funds and spending history data.

Digital ID Collection & Artificial Intelligence

Collect ID documentation remotely using a modern customer experience which will validate the ID and optionally take a selfie recording. Utilise AI to flag cases where the individual in the selfie isn't who is pictured on the ID.

Open Banking Bank Transfer Payments

Allow your customers to pay you by simply tapping their thumbprint or using their Face ID. Funds directly paid into your bank account over BACS.

HM Land Registry Proof of Ownership

Finch automates the verification of property prioprietors against the customer details you have on file and for anyone the customer, ahem, forget to mention.

Data Protection and Enterprise-Ready Security

Data anonymisation, personally identifiable information flagging and retention settings against every field. Role based security model for data visibility, editability, approvals and more.

Watch the interview with James @ Arun Estates

“The way Finch can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business is impressive, and can dovetail into existing processes to create efficiency and improve the customer journey.”

James Stefanie
Senior Business Development Partner

“Finch is now a key part of Acorn’s customer data collection processes, and immediately began to prove its value as both a time and cost-saving tool.”

Robert Sargent

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Alexander ali
founder & ceo, finch