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Now available – Finch 2021.3.1

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Reading Time: < 1 minute

Our first March 2021 release is available right now. Here’s what’s new:


  • Added a discrepancy check system which intelligently checks data submissions for potential issues.
    • Added discrepancy information to vault file display and email notifications to vault users.
    • Added a discrepancy hit for when the customer changes their name.
    • Added a discrepancy hit for when the customer’s name does not intelligently match their bank account name.
    • Added a discrepancy hit for when bank details have been provided manually, rather than through the Open Banking channel.
    • Added a discrepancy hit for when manually provided bank details do not resolve to a UK recognized bank account.
  • Vault users may now acknowledge discrepancies against a file, and make a note to the file history explaining or resolving the issue.
  • As a backup/alternative to Open Banking, manually supplied bank details are now looked up against a UK database of valid sort codes and account numbers. Customers must provide additional confirmation if they wish to submit bank details which do not resolve.
  • Vault interface cosmetic improvements

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