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Now available – Finch 2021.2.2

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Reading Time: < 1 minute

Our second February 2021 release is available right now. Here’s what’s new:


  • Made several document signing experience improvements for users on a mobile device orientated in landscape, including tutorial prompts and a full screen mode
  • A copy of user attachments added when composing a file can be downloaded from the vault
  • Notification emails returned to staff now includes workflow specific customizable status information. This can immediately inform staff if, for example, the response indicates a blocker or call to action
  • Text entry boxes within a workflow can now define a pattern match validation rule (e.g. user input must resemble a phone number)
  • Address book feature added to all workflows which collect address data. The address input allows the customer to select from addresses they have previously used with your business in the past without having to type anything
  • When performing a cancellation, staff can now supply a reason why they are cancelling the file. The cancellation reason is then displayed in the vault, and included in the body of any notification emails sent to the client respectively


  • Fixed an issue where all of the sort code, account number and IBAN were presented on one line within the vault where provided

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