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The Data Collection Forum
4pm, 26th May 2021

Discussing a new industry standard for securely collecting, verifying, and managing customer data

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A process and technology challenge

The property industry in the UK collects vast quantities of personal, property, and banking data, across multiple touch points, every time one of the 5.5 million rentals and 750,000 home purchases are processed each year.

As leaders in the industry, we must ensure that the data and documentation our property businesses collect is:


100% accurate, and free from errors that can cost your business time and money to correct


Collected via secure methods, that actively prevent and guard against fraudulent activity


Integrates optimally with your CRM and other data systems, to support compliance audits

Our mission, your personal invitation

Q&A - Guest Panellists

Finch Bird White

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After attending this event, you will:

Online Video Conference, Wednesday 26th May, 4pm

Need some advice before the forum?

Our team here at Finch have 25+ years of experience helping the property industry digitise and optimise workflow processes.

If you’d like to discuss how you could improve your customer data collection processes, feel free to book a call with our Workflow Consultant – Johnny Thwaites – where together you can:

Discuss your processes

Johnny will ask some critical questions to uncover the riskiest areas of your business process. Together you’ll identify and rank workflows by importance and urgency.

Understand your options

Johnny will demonstrate how other companies are solving the same data collection challenges, and help you understand how you could do the same.

Create an action plan

Together you’ll choose one critical data collection process, which we will develop a digitisation strategy for, using a Finch workflow.

We look forward to seeing you at the forum!